Essay „Anthropocene“

The ever enduring change is the only static.

Our primitive primate brain, evolutionary is not capable to understand the consequences of the collective environmental doings of our species. The time spans we think in, are dictated by our carnal desires. Us little apes only want to kill respectively copulate with each other.

What we feel is more important to us than what we don’t want to know as a matter of fact.
We must admit that the waters around us have grown and accept it that soon we’ll be drenched to the bone if our time in life is worth savin’.
Then we better start swimmin’ or we’ll sink like a stone for the times they are a-changin’

King Ludwig the 2nd of Bavaria drowned 1886 in the lake Starnberg.
He had an expensive taste and even more expensive projects at hand. Everything about him was ahead of his time. Without him there would be no Wagner operas and no Schloss Neuschwanstein.
Ludwig loved these majestic birds, which – if unmarked and on british soil or water – still belong to the Queen of England. The annual swan upping has become a part of wildlife conservation, after being just a roundup and clubbing of to be eaten poultry.

Our relationship with other, non human, animals is deeply disturbing. Most of us still choose to eat them, their muscle tissue, their organs, their bone marrow.

What kind of species we consume depends only on our learned preferences. Swans were considered food once, but now we see them as superior to their diverse feathered cousins.

The chicken population exceeds the worldwide population of wild birds. The biomass of poultry is about three times higher than that of wild birds.

The amount of chickens exceeds the human population at a ratio 3 by one.

Considering this, earth might be called the planet of the chickens, if they weren’t solely produced for our consumption.

Humans account for about a third of the biomass of all mammals.
Domesticated livestock, like cows, pigs, account for 60 percent.

The meagre rest of only 4 percent comprise every wild mammal. Every koala, elephant or polar bear.

We are living in a new geological Era, formed by us. We have started to shape the landscapes long ago, but humanity has interfered in the petrogenesis now and leaves it’s deathly fingerprint. Our pollution through plastics is measurable at the deepest points in the sea and on the highest mountaintops.


We are poisoning the atmosphere, making it harder to gain enough oxygen for our primitive primate brain. We can’t fathom the lost in insects, but we remember that our cars windshields had to be cleaned from insect corpses at least once a week a few summers earlier.

Invertebrate life has plummeted after a billion years of rise and descend.

Year by year we break all records of high temperatures.

The arctic is not just melting, it literally is burning.

Little by little, it’s going to be just a trickle.

Rivers running dry.

In school I learned the circle of water, how it evaporates, how it rains and feeds groundwater, rivers and seas.

We disrupted all of that in a lifetime and now we face the outcome.

We have all this cattle eating away our forests, our farmland, our resources, farting methane and shitting and pissing so much, that we are spoiling and ruining our soil, our water and our future as a civilisation, as a species even. Only because of learned preferences, our precious way of life we are too stubborn to change?

Everyone in the auditorium could switch to a plant based diet over night – for good and healthily – and it might be necessary. If you can’t see it yet, you just don’t have accepted the facts as facts and gave them more credibility than your wishful thinking.

It is not just our environment. Think of the torture of these annualy raped, heartbroken mothers which have to see their children standing in concrete igloos, in their own feces, till they are slaughtered or get in line to be fed and raped and milked also.

Would you drink your sisters mothers milk? No.

Then why are you drinking some different animals mothers milk?

It’s perverted and evil profiteering on the backs of the weak and helpless. We grew as a civilisation and made slavery illegal and can’t imagine to be sold as someones kitchen appliance anymore.

We must survive this drought of humanity to become better, to become more empathetic, to become worthy of our heritage and our future. The world is changing with or without you.


  • Bob Dylan – The times they are a-changin’ © 1963, 1964 by Warner Bros. Inc.; renewed 1991, 1992 by Special Rider Music